the harvey Diet: My Motivation

the harvey Diet: My Motivation

Maybe you read “harvey’s Story”.  It’s all true.  It’s also out of date.

As our business has grown, so has my waistline.

That’s because as harvey became a business, every pouch began to taste like a dollar bill.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat the inventory, so I gradually returned to larger dinners and greasier indulgent snacks.  I haven’t trained for a triathlon in months.  My bike taunts me from the garage; I’m pretty sure I’d suffocate in my wet suit.  As of yesterday, I’m 200 lbs. again.

Last week, Lawrence Jackson, our partner, gave me a “Come to harvey” intervention.  Lawrence played Defensive End for the NFL Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions.  He’s devoted his life to healthy living organized around Clean Eating and Love (more on that, later).  He discovered harvey during his brutal training regimens, contacted us to donate harvey to his Foundation, and soon after we met, joined the harvey Team to help introduce harvey to active adults and athletes everywhere.

Normally, I’m bored by other peoples’ chronicles of losing weight.  They lose weight, I stay fat.  Only this is different, because now I lose weight.  If I can do it, and maintain it, truly anybody can.  And I’ll do it with few moving parts and no gimmicks.  Just harvey; clean eating and exercise — 20 minutes per day.  I’ll also report usable simple advice from the professional athletes, trainers and random middle-aged-men-with-no-belly-fat whom I consult.

I’ll write once a week for six weeks.  I’m 200 lbs. now; my goal is to be a lot less in six weeks.



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