the harvey Diet — forget discipline, just eat snacks

the harvey Diet — forget discipline, just eat snacks

There are now three reasons I’ll wear a suit: Wedding, Funeral and School Interview for one of our children.  Recently I wore my best suit (and best shirt and best behavior) to an interview for our middle daughter’s potential high school.

This is another reason I should lose weight.

In the suit that I’d bought during leaner days, I probably looked, to the lady interviewing us, like an overstuffed couch.  Everything I eat seems to go to my belly, and then to remain there on some extended-stay vacation.

I am happy to report that simply by replacing snacks with harveys (two in the morning; two in the afternoon; one before dinner) I’ve lost 3 lbs. this week. The weight-loss includes missed trips to the gym and some wine.

The quick hourly reps at my desk work.  I’ve increased from 12 to 15lbs.  I never used a blender – it’s just too easy to open a harvey and squeeze it into my mouth.  I have two apple/oats in the morning for breakfast; a blueberry/strawberry and mango/pineapple in the afternoon; and another apple/oats before dinner (that’s right: breakfast all day).  If I do make it to the gym, I’ll eat two banana/strawberry harveys in the locker room before I work out.  We just changed the formula to make it more strawberryish, which I prefer because I’m not a big banana guy.

Also, please check out:     for a simple explanation from the Harvard School of Public Health of the diseases that a diet of fruit and veggies can help prevent.

Next week, I’ll continue eating snacks, add discipline with more trips to the gym, maybe less wine; and pray that my daughter gets into high school.



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