Team harvey

Team harvey

Theresa Kiene, CEO
Theresa Kiene, CEO

Theresa Kiene is proud to have been born and raised in California – a state with so many wonderful resources, especially fresh, delicious produce and warm cloudless January 1st’s.  Healthy living and fitness are synonymous with California and that works for her.  Over a long career in television (it’s LA, after all), Theresa worked as a creative executive at CBS, Fox, Twentieth Television, and Lifetime TV. During this fruitful period, she also met her then future husband Matt on a blind date and three years later began developing three daughters along with the TV shows.

A self-proclaimed foodie, classical dance lover and nutrition advocate, Theresa first began preparing healthy organic meals for her friends, family and neighbors. She’d loved food since childhood. Theresa’s family loved to cook but never read a label. By her first child, Theresa started reading labels. Soon she enjoyed making dishes that were simple, healthy and delicious – the way Mother Nature intended. Passion became mission after fat Matt despaired that no diet could help him.

Once she realized that her children were rarely sick or had doctor visits and her husband had shed enough weight to become literally four-fifths the man he’d been before, she had her first Ah-harvey moment. A Pouch. No more spoons or forks. Just squeeze while walking, biking, driving… perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle – others might also want a simple, delicious solution for their frantic lifestyles.

That’s when Theresa began creating little portion-controlled pouches of blended fruit. Simple, pure, organic and delicious. Hello Homemade harvey!


Matt Kiene, PresidentMatt Kiene, President

Matt is an American Buffet. Born in Kansas (where he gets his Midwestern friendliness), educated in Washington D.C. (where he gets his love of politics and House of Cards), then a corporate lawyer in New York City and Los Angeles (it didn’t make any difference, he still sounds like Gomer Pyle). However, once in Los Angeles, Matt started writing spec scripts of his favorite TV shows for fun.

Notwithstanding the disapproval of his 70-year-old mother in Topeka, Matt soon left the law to write and produce television shows. He spent a happy 12 years working on shows that included LA Law, Law & Order and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. During this time, he met Theresa on a blind date and after getting married (to the approval of his 75-year-old mother in Topeka) they began popping out children like a pez dispenser. Although Theresa ultimately lost her pregnancy weight, Matt kept his, took on hers, and continued gaining.

When Theresa introduced fruit and veggie portion control in the form of the first proto-harveys, Matt began the journey of losing 48 lbs., got excited, joined a gym, got more excited, trained for a triathlon and got an idea. To the disapproval of his 82-year-old mother in Topeka (who’d finally accepted why he “threw away a perfectly good law degree”) Matt left television to start Homemade harvey with Theresa.

It’s been a family affair ever since.  And the triathlon is the second most difficult thing he’s ever done.


Lawrence Jackson, Strategic AdvisorLawrence Jackson,
Strategic Advisor

Lawrence knows football.

A first round draft pick in the NFL, he played Defensive End with the Seattle Seahawks and then the Detroit Lions, pushing aside offensive linemen and punishing quarterbacks for fun. And before that, LoJack played on the USC Rose Bowl championship team where he started 51 of 52 games (a record). Then, after five years in the NFL, Lawrence left the sweet smell of fresh Astro-Turf behind for a chance to bring his bigger ideas to reality.

That includes giving back to his hometown of Inglewood, CA.

Lawrence’s Foundation, RISE (Re-imagining Individual Success and Excellence) offers promising young athletes and academics a chance for scholarships to colleges and nourishing food on their tables at home.

And Lawrence knows food.

Whether he’s preparing a Tuscan gourmet dinner for friends or sweet potato ice cream for his nieces and nephews… and friends… Lawrence has always been aware of the importance of delicious, healthy snacking that’s also convenient. Which is how he found Homemade harvey.

After incorporating Homemade harvey into his post workout regimen, Lawrence contacted harvey to see if we’d contribute product to his Foundation. The answer was “yes” and “let’s meet for lunch”. And before lunch ended, Lawrence had joined Team harvey as an investor, partner and Strategic Advisor.

“I got involved with harvey, knowing that it can help increase the overall health of our country as well as provide sustenance for those in need. harvey’s more than just a snack. It’s a ‘Fit harvey’ lifestyle that can change lives.”

Lawrence is All-American, All-World.