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 “I was introduced to Homemade Harvey, by my husband.  I think I fell in love with him all over again! But before I did, I had to grill him for over an hour, and demand to know why he was just NOW telling me about this brand and product!”

  -Word of Mouth… Lend Me Your Ear

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SHAPE magazine

“This is such a great idea – this organic, unsweetened crushed fruit in a squeeze pouch comes in three flavors. You have your choice of mango, pineapple, banana and passion fruit; apple, pear and spice; or, strawberry, banana and kiwi. It’s a great “emergency back-up” to keep in your fridge or at the office in case you run out of fresh fruit. It’s a fuss-free, on-the-go option, that doesn’t require any washing or chopping.” — SHAPE magazine

VeggieTaster Report

“Whoever thought up Homemade Harvey was in a brilliant state of mind! This cleverly packaged fruit snack is awesome and worth raving about. First off, it’s a delicious combo of organic pureed fruits in an ultra convenient squeeze pack–that’s it! Pure fruits! No junk. Nothing added and nothing taken out. Secondly, the package says 100% crushed fruit, 0% bad stuff. And that’s exactly what it is. Who can argue with that? I tasted the Mango, Pineapple, Banana & Passion Fruit flavor and my first thought was that at last there’s a healthy snack everybody should be chowing down, especially kids. Kids always come home from school ravenously hungry–this is the perfect after school snack. It’s packed with vitamins A and C plus a bunch of minerals, and only 90 calories for a 4.5-ounce serving. The only must is that the handy packets need to be refrigerated.” — VeggieTaster Report (from Vegetarians in Paradise, a Los Angeles Vegan Web magazine)

“Tired of packing the same old lunches for your kids? We are, too! We’ve been on the lookout for some interesting ideas for snacks to round out a healthy lunch box. Toss one of these goodies into your little one’s midday meal and introduce them to something new! Squeezable Fruit: These single serve packages are 100% fruit and provide a break from traditional lunch box fare, like apple slices. Homemade harvey, in three flavors ($1.69 each). Available at Whole Foods Market.”Carrie McBride, Family Editor,

Double Chin Diary

“When I saw Homemade Harvey in my Facebook news feed, I was intrigued. I always like trying healthy, low cal snacks and sharing them with you. The company sent me some free samples – and holy moly, I was blown away! Here’s the beauty of Homemade Harvey – it’s nothing fancy. It’s simple. It reminds me of a yummy smoothie or some fresh apple sauce – because all it really is is crushed fruit. There’s no chemicals, no preservatives and no weird added flavors – just fruit all crushed up and smashed in a handy little pouch for you to slurp up.” — Alyssa Curran, Double Chin Diary