harvey’s Story

harvey’s Story

harvey’s story begins as all great familiar tales do… with junk food. Seriously. So much junk food! Mostly eaten by my husband and co-founder, Matt. But truth be told, we’d slipped with the kids too. Eventually, all that junk food began to show on our family in ways that none of us considered good. No blame.  We’re a busy hardworking family (like yours!)  with little time to make fresh healthy foods that fit our on-the-go lifestyle.

We knew slowing down wouldn’t happen.  So I started switching our quick-fix, junk food splurge-a-thons for some simple portion controlled crushed fruit pick-me-ups. The family liked them. A lot. And after a couple weeks of eating the ‘franken-harveys’ as snacks — two in the morning, two in the afternoon — we noticed something: Our family (especially Matt) now craved smaller, cleaner meals. Pretty quickly he lost over 10 lbs. The kids seemed to have better energy and focus for schoolwork too.

So I was encouraged. I kept experimenting with new fruit and fruit & grain combos, putting them in pouches for even easier eating. Matt and the girls kept eating them. Matt even joined a gym and started tucking in his shirt for the first time since 8th grade.

Homemade harvey was born — 4.5 oz., almost two servings of fresh, organic, kosher and gluten-free fruit snacks in a squeezable pouch.

When we launched, the food in a pouch concept was only found in the baby food category.  Only this isn’t baby food. This is real pieces of fresh fruit in sophisticated blends. We wondered if adults would poopoo the idea of eating food from a pouch. But when you think about it, there’s no better way to eat whole fruits on the go. No pits, no peels, no forks, no spoons, and best of all… no sticky fingers!

Matt eventually lost over 40 pounds and is now training for triathlons, while our kids have lost their sweet tooth.

The bottom line: We think no one should have to go a day without at least one serving of fruits and vegetables. That’s why we donate 10% off all the food we make to charities that serve areas with little or no access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering “why harvey”? That’s simple… we’ve never met a Harvey we didn’t like. Besides. eating healthy should be fun!

Theresa Kiene

Co-Founder, Homemade harvey