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Q: Does harvey have to be refrigerated?

A: Yes. Here at Homemade harvey, we never add preservatives to our 100% pure fruit snacks. In fact, we don’t even let the preservative salesman in the door. So keep them cold in the fridge to keep them fresh – a warm harvey doesn’t taste as good as a cold one.

Q: Can harvey be frozen?

A: Yes. Feel free to freeze your harveys and then take them with you on hikes, bike rides or that marathon shopping spree!

Q: Is Homemade harvey kosher?

circle-uA: All Homemade harvey products are certified kosher by Orthodox Union and contain their familiar and desired Circle U symbol on each package.

Q: Is harvey Gluten Free?

A: Yes, three of our four flavors are Gluten Free. We’ve included heart healthy steel cut oats in our apple/pear/oats dish, which are generally considered gluten free, although they can’t be considered 100% gluten free because of other grains they may have come in contact with during harvesting.

Q: What does “100% Pure Fruit 0% Bad Stuff” mean?

A: 100% Pure Fruit 0% Bad Stuff means that nothing is added to Mother Nature’s handiwork: no added sugar, salt, or preservatives. We are also free of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). Bottom line…we like the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit, so no cheating with juice concentrates.

Q: How does harvey stay fresh so long without preservatives?

A: First of all, before harvey even goes into the pouch, we gently pasteurized the fruit to kill the bad Latin words. Next, our special pouch packaging restricts air and oxidation.  Finally, your refrigerator plays a critical role…harvey is perishable and needs refrigeration, so once opened, you should devour harvey within one to two days.

Q: What does “made with” organic ingredients mean?

A: “Made with Organic Ingredients” means that the product in question is made with at least 70% organic ingredients, with strict restrictions on the remaining 30%, including no GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Here at Homemade harvey, we will always choose to use organic fruits in the category that are considered the highest in pesticides. But that’s not all.

Q. What other certifications does harvey carry?

A. Homemade harvey is also certified by QAI (Quality Assurance International), the  leading USDA-accredited organic product certifying agency. And “certified” means that the food, feed or fiber has been grown and handled according to strict standards which are enforced by independent third-party state or private organizations. Certification includes inspections of farm fields, livestock and processing facilities; detailed record keeping, and periodic testing of soil, water and produce to ensure that growers and processors are meeting the standards of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) or other third party standards. As a result, certification ensures that harvey is organic by tracing the ingredients all the way back to the field. (display QAI certification symbol)

Q: Isn’t this harvey stuff just baby food?

A: Nope. To be absolutely clear, Homemade harvey should not be fed to babies. Why? Because harvey’s texture is made for grown ups and could be a choking hazard to babies. That said, feel free to act like a baby when you eat it if you like!

Q: How large is Homemade harvey’s carbon footprint?

A: harvey has the carbon footprint of a stiletto heel. (And in case you’re wondering, harvey has slimmed down some and now has the legs for stiletto heels.) Our unique pouches take up less space and they use 90% less energy and carbon than other packaging. Homemade harvey partners with TerraCycle to “up cycle” pouches into earth-friendly uses that have the potential to help your favorite non-profit organization earn cash. Learn more by join the Homemade harvey Brigade!

Q: Okay, we’ll bite…what’s the Homemade harvey Brigade and how do I join?

A: Start by collecting devoured Homemade harvey pouches. Next, visit http://www.terracycle.com and sign-up for a free account. Once your account has been created, download a postage-paid shipping label and send your empty pouches of harvey to TerraCycle, where they’ll be recycled and used in the creation of cool new products made from recycled materials. To learn more, including how your donations of used harvey pouches can earn money for your favorite nonprofit or charity, visit TerraCycle.com today.