A Reflection on International Women’s Day

A Reflection on International Women’s Day

I didn’t intend to start a business. I just couldn’t find a fast (no prep) and easy (eat on the go) way to get enough fresh fruits and vegetables into my family’s diet.  So I set out to create it myself in my own kitchen. From that simple idea, Homemade harvey was born. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit. I see this same spirit alive and well in many women I meet. Unfortunately they’re not all able to nurture their ideas into businesses for a number of reasons – chief among them, funding.


Meet Sanatu. Sanatu has 10 children. She makes and sells a prepared rice dish called Shinkafa da-wachi. This traditional dish is made from rice and black eyed peas, with bouillon, salt, pepper, oil and either dried fish or meat. Thanks to The Whole Planet Foundation’s microloan program, Sanatu now earns enough money to support her children.

All of us at Homemade harvey are very proud to participate in the microcredit program. Every month Homemade harvey donates money to the Whole Planet Foundation for a microloan; and during the month of March for every harvey we sell, we’re donating an additional $0.20 to the Whole Planet Foundation. The microloan program is genius because it’s not just charitable, it allows access to opportunity for women entrepreneurs to create something of their own.

Although I’ll never know the hardships that Sanatu has known, I feel a connection to her feminine strength and entrepreneurial spirit.  Living in America I have access to many opportunities. Because of the support of our Homemade harvey customers we can continue to increase our funding to the Foundation. You are what makes it possible for harvey to fund the microcredit program. Our customers are the best and we thank you!

If you’d like to learn more visit: http://wholeplanetfoundation.org/



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